Movie Genres


Movie genres provide an easy way for producers to create a marketable product. However, these categories can also be overused and cliched. Genres are also often reinterpreted, which is called revisionist cinema. The following list outlines some common movie genres. Each category consists of four main elements: plot, character, and setting.

Film is the preferred term for motion pictures among people who work in the film industry. It is also used by those outside of the film industry, academics, and in countries that do not speak English. While some people refer to motion pictures as “movies”, the term “film” is used more often by non-English speaking audiences.

The production of movies is still a very expensive process. Unlike the $1.99 white T-shirt you might purchase at your local Wal-Mart, a movie costs at least $300. This means that filmmaking is no longer an inexpensive form of entertainment. The tension between digital distribution and theatrical distribution stems from this fact.

The movie follows the lives of two best friends who are accused of murder. But there is a much darker underbelly to the story. The film jumps back and forth in time from 1933 New York to 1918 Amsterdam, and it is clear that the fascist ideologies of that time have come to the forefront. It also makes a point about the emergence of right-wing political parties in the United States.