Making a Movie


The process of making a movie starts with planning. You must decide what kind of movie you want to make, and a general direction in which to take it. The storyline should be short, simple, and believable. You should be able to describe your story in fifty words, or a tweet. If your movie is based on a novel or a play, it should have a strong beginning and an exciting climax. Afterward, post-production will be the process of choosing which shots to include and adding sound and effects. Therefore, it is essential to schedule plenty of time for this process.

In addition to plot and character development, the film can also be analyzed by decade and period. Themes are often reflective of a particular period, decade, or social climate. These factors are often reflected in the prevailing political, social, and economic climate. In addition, a theme is the heart of a movie, as it regulates all the other elements of the film. However, most people do not know how to identify a movie’s theme when discussing the film.

During the mid-sixties, American society was undergoing a drastic change. In terms of social norms, movies were influenced by the Vietnam Conflict, McCarthyism, and the Hollywood Blacklist. At the same time, the population of suburban areas expanded and family units became strong. Television provided a variety of activities for families, such as watching movies together. However, the mid-1960s were also a time of heightened tensions and a more competitive film industry.