Learning to Read Music

A song is basically a musical composition meant to be played by the human voice alone. This can be done in normal and varied pitches with varying patterns of silence and sound. Many songs contain different types, including those featuring the variation and repetition of melodic elements. There are also the original versions of popular songs which have been changed for modern purposes so that they may be played on various instruments including the piano, recorder and guitar.


Song writing is the process of transforming a song into a melody or a rhythmic unit by adding harmony to it. It involves the integration of two or more voices to produce a song. The earliest forms of song writing were concerned with the tone or pitch of a singer’s voice to produce a pleasing sound in music. The words of a song were almost always sung in high registers or notes like high C, A, G and so on. However, as time progressed, the use of voice gradually decreased to include the use of pre-recorded melodic lines in songs which were then sung.

Folk songs are traditional compositions which have cultural importance and are widely used as lullabies throughout the world. The term folk music can refer to these older forms or it can apply to contemporary compositions that have an identifiable character or style. The most popular folk songs are commonly sung in English. Most people are familiar with popular versions of children’s songs such as Mary Had a Little Lamb, Now You’re Only Me, Nothing Can Stop Me Now, Come As You Are, The Little Drummer Boy and Home on the Range. Other well known examples include Home Alone, I Remember You, I’m a Believer, Just a Dream, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, American Pie and Hampden County.

Today, many people use a software program known as a Song Manager to identify songs quickly and easily. A song manager will usually contain a large database of popular songs which the user can refer to when they need to identify a song. For example, if you want to identify a song by the title, the lyrics, or the melody then you can use the Song Manager to search through the database to locate the particular song. Alternatively, you can use the Song Manager to identify a song by the melody alone and only print the first few bars of the melody if you wish to skip over the rest of the song.

If you wish to learn how to read musical compositions there are two main approaches which you can take. The first is to read the lyrics by hand, identifying and memorizing the words so that you can sing the song in a clear and consistent tone. The second approach is more difficult and uses a so-called “musical evaluation” to verify the pitch, rhythm, harmony and structure of a musical composition. Both approaches involve deep knowledge of the underlying technical issues which are essential for listening understanding.

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