Is My Relationship Like Love? How to Save Your Romantic Love

True love is a lasting and strong emotional bond between lovers or couples that are in a satisfying, mutually happy relationship. An ideal example of true love would be the bond shared between two people who have been together for 40 years and still are passionate about each other and are committed to one another. This example is perfect for true love since no matter how old you are, there is always something new and exciting about love. True love gives you a feeling that nothing can replace and is extremely rewarding and satisfying.


Although love can be described as a powerful and natural emotion, it is important to note that love should not be considered an emotion. Love is a conscious effort on the part of the one experiencing it to want to feel closeness to another person. Love is an emotion when feelings of love or affection are directed at another person, but this feeling must not be controlled by the other person. In other words, feelings of love are not based on control. This is because love involves feelings, thoughts and emotions.

True love will occur when two people share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions with each other without any expectations of return. When two people in a relationship do this, it creates an environment for deep connection and a desire to deepen their connection until it becomes almost like a bond. The term, “lasting love” describes these kinds of relationships where the feelings, thoughts and emotions are felt and understood and then the connection is maintained. If these bonds are maintained, it is very unlikely for a relationship to end. However, if love begins to fade and the person involved begins to expect more from the other person in the relationship than the other person is willing to give, then the relationship will begin to deteriorate into a broken heart.

There are several signs that can indicate the start of a break up. The first of these is extreme differences in what two people feel and think about each other. In this case, the difference may come from how the person who feels the negative emotion looks at the other person. It may seem like the two are so different that they cannot stand one another. When a relationship starts to become like this, then love starts to lose its power to create closeness and an attraction to each other becomes more significant than a relationship could ever be.

A major sign of a failing relationship is when one person feels the other has abandoned them. When this happens, the feelings of being abandoned are the cause of the breakup. When a relationship ends, one person often feels like the other person has abandoned them. This abandonment can take many forms. Perhaps one person leaves the house or goes out with someone all the time while the other person seems to always be at home.

This kind of behavior is typically due to a lack of intimacy between the two people in a relationship. If this has happened in your own relationships, you know how damaging those feelings can be. But this is far from the only situation where feelings of romantic love are put on the back burner. There are plenty of cases where relationships end because one of the people does not feel a romantic attraction for the other person. Learning to put these intense feelings on the back burner will help you and your relationship tremendously.