Free Water Playground @ Tampines 1

This playground has been around as long as Tampines 1, but it was quite a pathetic little rooftop space until recently when it revamped their rooftop playground. Not having much expectations, we took Baby E up to take a look, and surprisingly it has expanded to be quite a nice playground.

Opening hours of the rooftop playground @Tampines 1
Opening hours

We went on a Sunday morning, and it was relatively empty except for another family.

Dry playground @ Tampines 1
Dry playground @ Tampines 1
Toddler playground @ Tampines 1
Toddler playground
water playground @ Tampines 1
This is about the whole water playground

I won’t say it’s huge, but they do have wet and dry playgrounds, and for different age groups. Older kids will probably feel bored here as the water play is meant for younger kids and not of much variety.

Small polar water slide @ Tampines 1
Small polar water slide
Water Playground at Tampines 1
Water Playground at Tampines 1
Water Playground at Tampines 1
Water Playground at Tampines 1
little splash area @ Tampines 1
Little splash area

It was a pleasant surprise as I wasn’t expecting alot but it proved to be entertaining for my 3yo. And yes, they have a nice washing area.

washrooms at Tampines 1 rooftop playgroundWash rooms, the size of your kiddos

and food, in case you are too lazy to head downstairs.

And most importantly, it’s FREE! Can’t ask for more when it’s free. đŸ™‚



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    1. Hi Gori, according to their opening hours, it should be open until 8pm. Just FYI, it has been drizzling the whole day in Tampines..

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