What is a Movie?


A movie is a series of moving images with synchronized sound to tell a story and evoke emotional responses in the audience. They are usually fictional but can also be based on real events. They often feature a narrative, characters and settings as well as cinematic techniques such as lighting, editing and cinematography. Movies are popular and can be found in theaters or on many different media platforms.

A good movie starts with a great script (the written outline of what will happen). This will provide clues to the cinematographers and actors about how best to capture the scene on film and give the audience an idea of what will be happening in the story.

The acting is also very important. A great actor can bring the script to life and make the audience believe what they are seeing on screen. This is especially true for dramas and comedies that deal with the emotional struggles of humans.

Thrillers are movies that keep the audience guessing until the end, when there is often a twist in the plot (surprise). Dramas deal with the relationships between people and have a more serious tone. For example, a movie about a husband and wife who are divorcing would be a drama.

Blockbusters are movies that make a lot of money. They usually have a happy ending in which all the problems get figured out and everyone lives happily ever after. Movies that don’t make as much money may not have a happy ending.