Mirabell Play Mat

Mirabell Play Mat with princess tent

Baby E’s Mirabell Play Mat has arrived!

It took us a while to decide between playpen, play yard and play mat. We don’t really fancy play pen/play yard as we don’t want to confine baby E to a space and they really take up quite abit of space. we don’t really like those popular (but too cartoonish imo) Korea play mat either so when we saw this Mirabell Play Mat on Qoo10, we thought its perfect!

[S$99.00][MIRABELL] pastel/vivid PREMIUM Baby Play mat! Made in Korea! 4pads folding mat


It arrived quickly, less than a week from Korea. We ordered two play mats which should cover her room next time when we move. I like that it is colourful and non-slippery. The surface is smooth and cool to the touch. Great for crawling babies and toddlers learning to walk. Falling is not painful anymore! When not in use, you can fold them to store away or acts as a bench or a little playhouse! You can also fold it such that it covers the wall to protect little ones from hitting the wall (you know, paranoia parents like us always worry about our kids knocking into the walls). It can be clean easily with a wet cloth. It came in good quality, no weird smell and packed securely.


Now that Baby E is coming close to 4 yo, this playmat is still in good condition!


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    1. Nope this mat is not slippery at all. Although smooth but my baby has been able to hold her feets (and hands) firmly on the mat. 🙂

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