How to Write an Effective Essay on Love


Love is a complex and often elusive emotion. Many scholars and psychologists agree that it is an emotion in the sense that happiness or anger are, but they disagree about whether it is a primary emotion or a secondary one deriving from a mix of other emotions.

Writing about love is a challenge because there are millions of ways to interpret the word. Some people use it to describe a romantic relationship with a spouse or partner, while others use it to describe their love for their children or parents. There are also many different types of love, such as the love for a hobby, a pet or an activity. In an essay on this topic, the writer can explore any of these forms of love, as long as he or she uses vivid language to convey the emotion and does not overuse cliches or other trite expressions.

The most effective way to write an essay on love is to open with a question or a powerful quote that captures the reader’s interest. Then the writer can introduce his or her own unique perspective on love, using personal anecdotes where appropriate to pique readers’ interest and provide support for the ideas being expressed.

Some research suggests that love has three components, forming the vertices of a triangle: intimacy, passion and commitment or decision. Manic love is associated with intense feelings and a strong desire for a partner, while pragma is an enduring commitment to the person and agape is self-sacrificing love based on kindness and compassion. Evidence suggests that most people have a mixture of these love styles, but some studies suggest that certain components, such as intimacy and passion, are more important in determining the success of a relationship than others, such as commitment or agape.