How to Write About the Emotion of Love

Love is the foundation of many relationships, and it’s one of the most important things we experience as humans. It is a complex emotion, and there are many different definitions of it. Some people believe that it is an interaction of brain chemicals, and others describe it as a feeling that warms your heart and captivates your soul.

Romantic love is the most common type of love, and it is often portrayed in books, songs, and movies. However, love can also be felt for family members, friends, and pets. It can even affect your health, as shown in a 2019 study that found that people in loving relationships have immune systems that are more effective at fighting off viruses.

Whether you’re writing about fictional characters or describing your own relationship, it can be challenging to accurately convey the emotion of love. A few simple tips can help make it easier to write about the way you feel about someone.

Show versus tell

While telling your audience how two people love each other may be effective, it can also be boring. Instead, try showing your readers the way they feel by describing the way that your characters look at each other and interact with each other.

You know you’re falling in love when your thoughts about someone take up major real estate in your mind. For example, you might find yourself thinking about them during the day and rehashing conversations that you’ve had. You might also start looking forward to spending time with them, and you might even think about them when you’re away from them.