How to Write a Song

A song is a musical composition that incorporates vocals (melody). It is typically performed in a range of different pitches and may have many parts. Songs can tell a story, convey emotion, or give advice. Most importantly, a song should be enjoyable for listeners.

Many songwriters find inspiration from their own experiences, or even their fantasies. Some artists have a title or concept first, and then create the lyrics and chord progression to fit. Others might start with a melody a capella, then add the lyrics later. The steps of writing a song usually include coming up with chords and a melody, adding lyrics to tell a story, finding rhymes, and arranging the different sections of the song (e.g., verse, chorus, bridge).

The chorus is a chance to really explain what the song is about. It should be the climax of all the big ideas in the song. This is also where the title of the song usually appears, so listeners will remember it. The lyrics in the chorus should answer some of the questions posed in the verse and pre-chorus, but with a different point of view.

A song is considered to have been written by an artist when the artist has published and released it as a single (or at least a digital version). There are several templates that can be used for song articles, including Template:Infobox song. These should be used according to the proper style guides.