How to Write a Song

Whether it’s a pod of young enthusiastic dolphin bulls putting on an elaborate show for potential mates, or the trilled croon of a colorful rainbow finch conveying its gratitude to the Sun, a song can take many forms. Regardless of how they differ though, all songs have one thing in common; they’re all made up of rhythmic repetitions that can elicit emotion and create a sense of harmony.

Often, the first step in writing a song is finding inspiration. This can be from any number of sources including literature, movies, other songs, food, places, or anything else that moves a person. Once a writer has the concept for a song, they can start creating it by working out the lyric and musical elements. Some writers might begin with the title and a few lyrical lines, while others may play around with chord progressions and melodies. There is no right or wrong way to go about writing a song, but whatever method works for the individual writer will most likely lead to success.

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