How to Write a Song


A song is a musical composition with lyrics that tell a story, an emotional journey, or simply a pleasant tune. It can be performed by a solo singer or by a group of singers, such as a choir, a duet, or a trio. A song can also be a cappella, or without instrumental accompaniment. There are many different styles of songs, including country music, pop songs, and rock and roll. There are even sea shanties, or work songs that were sung on sailing ships and had a repetitive rhythm to coordinate sailors in tasks such as pulling ropes or putting up or taking down sails.

The songwriting process will look different for everyone. However, most Songwriters would agree that some key steps include finding a creative spark, creating a structure with verses, choruses, and bridges, figuring out rhymes, developing the chord progression, finding a vocal melody, and then writing the lyrics to fit the music.

Often, the music for a song will come to mind first. This may be as simple as humming a melodic phrase over and over again in your head. Other times, a song will reveal itself to you while you are doing another activity, such as jogging or driving in your car. This happens when the brain is relaxed and free to absorb incoming information.

Other ways to write a song are to take inspiration from other art forms, such as paintings or short stories. A great way to find a melody is to experiment with scales, especially major and minor keys. A major key is usually thought to be happy or upbeat, while a minor key can be more melancholy and emotional.