How to Write a Song


A song is poetry set to music and there are many types of songs. A pre-existing poem or rhyme that is set to music by a trained composer in classical music is called an art song. Songs that are written for the commercial music industry and have a broad appeal are called popular songs or pop songs. Songs that are sung by amateur singers without any formal training are called folk songs.

If you’re writing a song, it’s best to focus on your own experiences and emotions when creating the lyrics. This is because it’s easier to connect with your own feelings and it will be easier to paint a picture in the listeners mind. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t write a song about someone else – there are plenty of songs out there written about things like heartbreak and falling in love.

Most songs have a clear structure that is broken into verses, choruses and bridges. Often the chorus is a repeated section of the song that contains the biggest ideas and is usually the most catchy part. Sometimes a song will have a pre-chorus as well which also acts as a hook. The bridge is a contrasting section of the song that takes the listener in a different direction before returning to the chorus or verse.