How to Write a Movie Review

A movie, also called a film or motion picture, is a series of images, usually with sound, that tell a story. Movies can be entertaining, informative or educational, and may also make you think or feel emotions.

A good start is to give some background information about the movie, such as when it was made, its studio, important cast members, directors and budget. You can even include if the movie was nominated or won any awards.

The next part of your review should be about the movie’s content (what it is about). You can talk about the plot (story), characters, and setting. You can also analyze how the different creative elements (costumes, makeup, music, lighting, etc) work in the movie.

A thriller is a movie about a mystery or strange event that has to be solved, and is usually full of ‘twists’ (surprises). Romantic comedies, often starring two actors in love, are stories about relationships between people. Science fiction movies use technology and machines that cannot be built in real life yet, and often include fantasy. Family movies, such as those made by Disney, are meant to be watched by children and may have a happy ending. And dramas, like tragedies, are usually about sad or bad things that happen to people and cause them to have feelings, such as depression or anger. A great example of a drama is Daniel Day-Lewis’s performance as an oil man in the movie “There Will Be Blood.” This is one of the most powerful and moving performances ever made on film.