How to Write a Movie Review


A movie is a form of visual storytelling. It can be live-action or animated and is usually created by a team including the director, producer, screenwriter, and actors. It can be about a fictional story or real events, and many movies convey social or political messages.

Ava DuVernay’s powerful and moving adaptation of the true story of Dr Martin Luther King Jr is a film that will leave you with lasting impact. A must see!

Acting – Evaluate the actor’s performances and consider how their delivery, characterisation and interpretation contribute to the overall impact of the movie. Also look at how the acting supports the film’s theme.

Cinematography – Assess the camera angles, lighting and colours in the film to determine whether they support or detract from the movie. Also look at how the camera movements and soundtrack contribute to the story.

Costumes & Sets – Assess the costumes and sets in the film to see how they enhance or detract from the film’s mood or style. Also, take note of any symbols in the setting.

Editing – Evaluate the editing in the movie to see how it flows and makes sense. Without good editing, the film would seem disjointed and confusing.

Summary – Include a brief summary of the movie to give readers an idea of what it’s about. This doesn’t need to be too detailed as you can provide more detail in the body of your review.