How to Write a Movie Critique

What is the difference between a movie and a film?

The term movie and film are used interchangeably, although some prefer to reserve the word “film” for more artistic or formal works. Both terms have similar meanings, but they can be differentiated by tone and context. Using “movie” casually often detracts from the seriousness of a film review, while the term “film” lends weight to its critical evaluation.

Creative Elements

Filmmakers often include certain creative elements to make their movies more interesting, and it is important for a critic to analyze these aspects. Consider how costumes, colors, lighting, camera work, and sound effects affect the film’s atmosphere and mood. Also pay attention to symbolism in the movie, if any.


It takes a talented cast to bring a script to life onscreen, and many films depend on their actors to carry the weight of the narrative. Analyze the acting style and performances of the characters in a movie, considering their development throughout the plot and their relationships with each other. In addition, examine the use of body language and facial expressions to convey emotion and characterization.