How to Write a Good Song


A good song is not just a great melody or chord sequence. It should also evoke an emotion. A songwriter creates music based on his or her life experience. When writing a song, consider the underlying meaning of the song before you start writing. Hip hop, for example, often uses lyrics that hit the listener right in the gut. Pop songs, on the other hand, generally use lyrics that are happy and bubbly. So, consider what your song’s message is and play on that feeling.

There are two basic kinds of songs: pop and rock. Pop songs are more traditional than metal, while alternative rock songs are more experimental and unpretentious. Pop songs can be very political and have a message that appeals to a broad audience. For example, one song is about a boy’s first crush and another is about a woman’s life story. Pop songs have multiple levels of meaning, including lyrics, music, and context.

Art songs may have a greater complexity than folk songs or popular songs. Franz Schubert, for example, wrote many of his Lieder in strophic form. Unlike popular songs, European art songs are more complex, and the accompaniment is an important part of the composition. Some pop songs even take on a national identity. If you think about the origin of pop songs, you’ll realize that there are different types of songs that are meant for different purposes.