How to Write a Good Song


A song is a musical composition intended for human performance. Songs are typically composed at distinct pitches, employ patterns of sound and silence, and may be repetitive or contain variations of sections. In addition, the composition is intended to express a particular feeling or emotion. If you have been influenced by a song, here are some tips to choose the perfect song for your needs. If you haven’t written one yet, start by checking out some of the many examples below.

Remember that every good song should have great melodies and chords. A good song evokes a specific emotion. If you have a strong feeling or story to tell, consider writing a song with a strong refrain. Test the different structures, such as verse-verse, pre-chorus, chorus, and bridge. Keep note of the feel of each structure and the emotion it evokes. You’ll soon find the best structure to make your song truly stand out.

Art songs, unlike folk songs, are generally more complex compositions than popular music. Franz Schubert’s early Lieder, for example, are often in simple strophic form. Some European art songs, such as opera, are accompanied by a symphony of instruments, such as guitars and pianos. Some are also characterized by a national or religious identity. You can find many of these styles in folk songs.