How to Recognize When You’re Falling in Love

Love is a feeling that can cause intense emotions like lust, affection, attachment, and devotion. It can also bring feelings of joy, security, and happiness. The nature of love has been a subject of debate throughout history, and different disciplines like psychology, sociology, and neuroscience have contributed to the knowledge of this phenomenon.

A good way to identify whether you’re falling in love is by noticing if someone takes up a lot of real estate in your thoughts and daydreams. You may even find yourself rehashing conversations from the past, or planning your next date days in advance. According to Match’s chief scientific advisor Helen Fisher, an area of the brain associated with focus and craving is activated when you fall in love.

It’s important to remember that love is a commitment, and it takes two people for it to be mutual. It can be a powerful feeling that inspires you to want to know a person on a deep level and give them all of your trust. This can include sharing personal secrets and embarrassing moments that you wouldn’t share with just anyone.

A key component of true love is also being willing to accept a person in spite of their faults. We often see this in parents or friends who remain committed to a person despite their destructive behaviors, for example. This kind of love is a combination of altruism and a desire to see that person grow into their full potential.