How to Create a Song

Song is a three minute story about love, life and heartbreak. Artist can take months to write and perfect a single song, while others can create one in less time than that. There is no right or wrong way to create a song, but there are some elements that help make a song successful such as a catchy melody, meaningful lyrics and a unique sound.

To start a song you usually want to have an introduction which gives the listener a little taste of what the song is going to be about. This could be a beat, a sample of the vocals, or a few chords played on an instrument. From here you can build into the verse, which is where the main ideas are put across. The verse can have different lengths to emphasize certain points and add a feeling to the song.

This can then lead into the chorus, which is often the most memorable part of the song and where the climax happens. The chorus is also usually a little more upbeat and louder than the rest of the song, which helps to give it that extra push. A lot of songs will also have a pre-chorus which is similar to the chorus in that it repeats a few words but isn’t quite as memorable as the chorus itself.

Another common section of a song is the bridge which provides a nice contrast to the Chorus and Verses. It can also be a great place to put in a key change which helps keep the song interesting and fresh.