How to Analyze a Movie

A movie is a video story that usually takes more than one hour to show. It’s a big part of people’s entertainment (something that amuses or delights). A movie has to be shown in a theater where you can sit and watch it. Traditionally, it starts with a newsreel, short subject and a cartoon, and then the main movie or feature film.

The content of a movie includes the plot, characters and setting. A film’s content helps to give the movie its tone. For example, a drama might be sad or happy. A thriller may include many surprises and ‘twists’. A comedy is often light-hearted and funny, but can also be serious. A romance is often a love story. A documentary might be informative.

When analyzing a movie, it’s important to pay attention to the director (the person who directs the movie). Talk about his or her style and what kinds of movies they’ve made before. You might discuss the director’s political stance, or his or her background and controversial life.

Independent movies can be less commercially successful than blockbusters, but they are often more creative and unusual. They might tell more creative or strange stories or have sad endings that the bigger studios cannot make money from. If a movie is very successful, it will be advertised on billboards and television and sold in lots of stores. The filmmakers can use this money to make more movies.