How Love Affects Your Brain


Love is an intense feeling that can range from a flutter in your stomach to a rush of adrenaline. It has a big impact on your brain, and can even change how you think and behave.

It’s an emotional state where you’re completely dedicated to your partner, ready to do anything to make them happy. But it can also tamper with your sense of judgment.

How it works

While many people consider love to be a basic emotion, science is now starting to understand what really goes on in your head when you’re in love. It’s based on huge, measurable changes in your biochemistry, including hormones that affect your heart rate and limbs.

The effects of love

When you’re in the throes of love, your brain is busy creating all kinds of chemicals that help you feel good and make decisions. These include dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin, which are released in specific brain regions known as the hypothalamus.

These areas are usually only activated when you’re thinking about romantic relationships, but they can be triggered by a number of things. The most obvious example is a crush on someone.

What’s more, if you’re in love with someone, you may start to view everything in your life through their eyes. That can lead to new ideas and experiences that you never thought of before.

While it can be exciting to see your world from a different perspective, keep in mind that you still need to know who you are and make sure the things you do are genuinely fulfilling for you. Otherwise, it could turn into a one-sided relationship or a love affair you don’t want.