Film Festivals – Types of Scripts That Can Win Oscars

A movie, also known as a movie trailer, a short film, video short, video clip, action film or animation, is an artistic work of visual entertainment used to simulate events that convey stories, ideas, emotions, beauty, or just plain atmosphere through the utilization of moving pictures. Movies are all the rage these days but how many people know what a movie actually is? There are several types of movies and people tend to choose the most common type which is the motion picture. Here is a quick overview of each major kind of movie.


The silent film is often thought to be one of the first forms of movies and this is partially true because it was the first one to utilize sound in its presentation. The main actors in this kind of movie are the camera and the actress playing the lead role. This kind of movie idea is usually long with many scenes which portray the story and show the characters reacting to various events and situations. This kind of movie offers excellent art form since there is no sign of any dialogue except for the actors speaking their lines, which makes it more suspenseful. It also has a classic and timeless quality in that it has been used in nearly every single production and has proven to be a hit in the process.

This is another of the major three kinds of motion pictures. The leading character or the storyline is the subject or the main focus of this kind of movie. The other two films types share the central theme but focus on individual events of the target audience. The first one we have listed is probably the most widely known of which is the talkie. This kind of film genres relies on its director or the director’s skill to create a visual symphony with the use of different shots and angles to tell a story while telling it to the audience.

Based on the novel, this is one of the most commonly used narrative film genres. The reason for this is its easy approach that can be related to the screenwriter’s capability in using words to convey a meaning to the audience in order for them to connect with the message. These kinds of works are often used as reference or an outline by the screenwriters as they prepare their screenplay.

The third one of the known film genres, we are going to discuss is the drama genre. This is actually a combination of the narrative movie and the social science fiction. The two previous mentioned categories are almost the exact opposites of each other. This type of genre shares similarities to the former but the focus is on the plot rather than the story itself.

Screenwriting conventions provide a guideline to write a screenplay that will make the audience watch the movie. There are many Hollywood standards when writing movie scripts. In fact, these standards were actually taken from the old Hollywood movies itself. To be able to come up with the best screenplay that can win the Oscar or any awards in Hollywood, it is best to be familiar with the different types of film genres that have been in existence since movies have been in existence.