Film Festivals – Types of Movies to Attend


Film Festivals – Types of Movies to Attend

A movie, also known as a movie script, short movie, video, or short video, is a creative work of visual art employing non-literal images to simulate actual experiences, emotions, themes, representations, beauty, or moods through the visual use of moving pictures. Movie scripts are also referred to as screenplays and are the backbone of all screenplays. In this modern day society a movie script can be seen all over the internet for free. Screenplay samples and entire movies can be found online with simple searches using relevant keywords.

Movie script format is highly adaptable for any medium such as print, televisions, and film. Even the spoken word can be added to movies through audio recordings. Scripts can even be recorded onto compact disks for home use and viewing. The advent of the internet has greatly expanded upon this ever expanding art form. It has opened doors to opportunities worldwide for aspiring writers, directors and producers. Scripts can be sold online through bidding sites or film festivals and Amazon offers a full platform for aspiring artists to publish their script.

The advent of hybrid genres has resulted in the emergence of an entirely new sub-genre of movies that are wholly independent creations. These hybrid genres are usually produced on a smaller scale than major studio films but still have the backing of the major film industry companies. Hybrid genres include period pieces, horror films, thriller/fantasy films, science fiction films, and the ultra-modern drama. These films tend to be highly stylized and often use unorthodox plot structure and complex characters. Some of the most popular hybrid genres include comedy films, war thrillers, fantasy thrillers, Japanese horror films, and Asian epic movies.

Action film genres are based upon intense gun fighting, martial arts, or stunt choreographed action. Action movies include thrillers, action, war action, police action, and films with guns and explosions. Action film directors like Quentin Tarantino use a blend of various film styles to produce thrillers that become viral and attain huge online popularity. Action film directors like Clint Eastwood have incorporated guns, blades, and other weapons in their action thrillers. Modern directors like Guy Ritchie have infused his action thrillers with musical elements and original musical scores.

Comedy films follow the antics of a protagonist who is the butt of many cruel jokes and is the central character in the film. comedies have been used successfully by Hollywood to create blockbuster blockbusters. These films often star the best known comedians in Hollywood like George Clooney, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Lopez. Theatrical comedies include animated comedies, live action comedies, and films in which the main character is a typical everyday person. Other non-traditional film genres include dramas that tell the story of a group of people living their lives in parallel yet radically different settings.

When choosing a course, you must learn about the different genres of movies. If you want to become a filmmaker one of the first things you should do is take a class in film theory. By learning about the different genres of films and how they are made you will have an excellent foundation for exploring your future career as a filmmaker. Filmmaking is truly a creative art form and knowledge of the different film genres will serve you well into the future.