Falling in Love – What is Love?


In the beginning of a romantic relationship, falling in love may seem easy. However, the excitement and thrill of first meeting may fade with time. There may be challenges ahead, and the relationship may suffer a setback. A therapist may help resolve these issues. Often, the process of falling in love can be facilitated by therapy. A therapist may also help couples understand their feelings and work through problems. Once a relationship has reached this stage, it can be cultivated through time.

There are many different definitions for love. Most commonly, love is an intense and deep affection for a partner. However, it can also be a type of attraction or a strong emotional attachment to a person or object. In some cases, love can be sexual or can even mean liking a friend or family member very much. Whatever the definition of love, there are some fundamental things that most people agree on. Love is an emotional connection and should be considered as such.

Loving someone means doing things for them. This is selfless love. Examples of this type of love include a mother’s love for her baby, a father’s love for his child, or the love between a husband and wife. Selfless love is also expressed through acts of avoiding things that a husband hates, buying special foods for a child, and caring for a neighbor. In Christian circles, love is defined as concern for others, and a desire for someone else to succeed.