Creating a Song

A song is a melody with lyrics that braid together to tell a story or create an emotion. It can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. Creating a song can take many steps including coming up with chord progressions, finding melodies, writing lyrics to tell a story or create an emotion, putting the song in the correct structure of verses, chorus, and bridge (if you choose to have one) and then polishing it off for the best possible result. It can also involve using different sounds, instruments, and styles such as pop, rock, country, jazz, or classical to make the song stand out.

Songwriters often say that the first step is finding inspiration, which can be from real life experiences or from imagination. You could get inspired by reading a book or magazine, watching a film or TV show, going to a concert, or even just walking around the house or neighborhood. Once you have an idea for a song, it’s important to keep in mind that songs are meant to be heard by people other than yourself, so the words and music need to make sense to your audience.

It is helpful to find a trusted and reliable person that you can share your song with to receive feedback. They can give you valuable insight into what’s working and where the song may need to improve. Make sure to ask for honest opinions, not just yes men.