Choosing a Theme for Your Movie


A movie is a story that is told on film. It is made for the purpose of entertaining and educating people. It may also be an exercise in political, social or religious commentary.

A good movie should have a theme that unifies the story, characters, and events. It should also have a strong sense of direction that allows the director to communicate his or her vision to the audience.

Choosing a Theme for Your Movie

Theme is the core of the story, which dictates how the plot develops and what the characters do in the story. Once a producer decides on a theme, he or she hires a writer to create the script that reflects the theme, and then hires a director to express the theme on film.

The theme is the most important thing in a movie. It is the reason why people go to the movies and the reason they discuss the movie afterward. It regulates all the other elements of the movie. It is the reason why people like and dislike movies.