A Sonic Snapshot of Song in Our Lives


Song is a musical composition, performed by the human voice at distinct and fixed pitches (melodies), using patterns of sound to convey meaning, typically accompanied by instruments or by other vocalists. It may be for a solo singer, a lead singer supported by other vocalists such as backup singers, or it may be for a larger ensemble of musicians such as a choir. The term is used in contrast with other large vocal genres such as opera and oratorio, which are referred to by terms like aria and recitative.

Songs are a way of communicating the nuances of our emotions and experiences. They are a powerful tool for connecting and creating community. They can be created on the fly, and do not require formal training. A trusty guitar can be taken out of its case to provide the chords and rhythm, a community’s words can become lyrics, a melody can be found or borrowed and the result is a song.

It has a form and arrangement, usually including repeated verses and choruses. It is a form of communication that is uniquely suited to the human voice. Songs can be found in every culture and they are a part of the human experience. They can bring hope, share sorrow and create a sense of connection with others. Songs are a vehicle for spiritual expression and can capture the ephemeral nature of life. The article explores the history of some important songs. From the famous Cuban anthem to the song of mourning for 9/11, this collection of articles offers a sonic snapshot of song in our lives.