4 Main Types of Movie genres


4 Main Types of Movie genres

A movie, also known as a video, short film, short video, or digital film, is a creative work of multimedia visual art typically intended for adult entertainment that conveys messages, ideas, emotions, scenery, beauty, or ambiance through the application of moving pictures. Movies are usually set in the present time, but may be considered contemporary, historical epics, or realistic fiction, depending on the quality of the artists involved and the intent of the viewer. In most cases, a movie is produced by a single studio or a company that has several production studios scattered around the world. The major motion pictures industry is estimated to generate revenues in excess of $50 billion dollars annually.

Movie distribution is accomplished through movie theaters, television, video on demand, on the Internet, on VHS and DVD players, on personal computers, on hand held devices such as iPods and portable media players, on game consoles, and by DVD mail order. There are many ways to promote a movie. Film festivals are an important promotional tool in the independent film genre because it allows viewers to see movies on the big screen and in the theater for the first time. Independent films should be marketed aggressively using a variety of promotional tools including mailed DVDs, online websites, social networking and word of mouth advertising. Marketing is equally as important for feature films as it is for independent and low budget films.

As in any form of art, the best selling movie stock is the masterful work of art that comes from a talented director and a group of talented cinematographers. However, there are many factors in the success of a movie that are beyond the skill and vision of the directors and producers. The popularity of a movie depends greatly on the marketing of the movie prior to its release. Advertising is essential in the independent film industry. Companies exist that specialize in creating effective ads for both motion pictures and conventional films.

Most of the movie plots focus on a typical conflict or some kind of horror or thriller. There are three main sub-genres of horror movies; thriller, horror comedy, and medical suspense. Tricksy and psychological thrillers combine the ideas of psychological thrillers with elements of mystery and the unexpected. Psychological thrillers often deal with crimes that are related to mental illness, while horror movies are usually about ghosts, demons, and other scary creatures.

Romance films deal with the emotions of love and romance. There are four main sub-genres within the romance genre. Some of the most popular romantic films include Edward Scissorhands (Movie: 1990), Pretty Woman (Movie: 1992), Edward Scissorhands Again! (Movie: 1993), and Grease (Movie: 1992). Romance cinema also includes movies about newlyweds and the lives of children during the Christmas holidays.

The action movies tell stories about dangerous men and women that often take center stage in the story line. Action movies are often very intense and often have an anti-hero type of character. Action movies are the most popular genre of film. They tell stories that are exciting, thrilling, and even downright scary. The action movie sub-genre includes movies about super heroes such as Batman and Superman, westerns, adventure, war, martial arts, comedy, science fiction, action, horror, and horror movies. Action movies often tell stories that have the same type of drama and plot as other types of movies, but have an extra element of danger or suspense.