How to Write About Love

Love is both a feeling and an emotion that encompasses deep affection, attachment and a complex blend of emotions. It also entails physical sensations and cognitive processes, making it a unique experience that isn’t easily defined. However, there are several key elements to love that can help you write about it in a way that is both compelling and meaningful for your readers.

One of the most important aspects to love is commitment. This includes a willingness to endure difficult circumstances and sacrifices for the sake of those we love. It can also include a desire to nurture and encourage growth, such as a parent’s commitment to a child who struggles with substance use or self-harm.

Another aspect of love is benevolence, or the desire to treat others well. This is often reflected in acts of kindness like helping strangers or volunteering for a cause. It can also include a sense of esteem and admiration, such as the love felt by someone for their friends or family.

Finally, love can also include an intense desire for intimacy and closeness. This can be triggered by the release of chemicals such as oxytocin (the “cuddle hormone”), dopamine and vasopressin (for attraction) or, following puberty, estrogen and testosterone (for lust). It’s not uncommon for people in love to feel more excited about everyday things or even activities they enjoy alone. They may even be willing to try new experiences or foods that they previously disliked.