Writing a Movie Review – What You Need to Know


A movie is a film or motion picture that has been recorded onto a thin, plastic material called celluloid. It can also refer to the act of viewing a movie, as in “going to see a movie”.

Writing a Review: What You Need to Know

The purpose of a film review is to tell readers how a film works, what makes the characters tick, what it says about the society that produced it and why audiences responded as they did. You should also discuss how the film is a social commentary or a way to engage in a larger conversation.

Some movies are more believable than others. Whether the film is realistic or not, it still needs to be executed well enough that viewers can suspend their disbelief. The first step to executing a movie to its fullest potential is to eliminate any flaws in the plot. This is done by minimizing any weaknesses in dialogue or other aspects of the story.