What is a Movie?


When you watch a movie, you are watching a series of pictures on a screen. There is usually a soundtrack, sound effects, and music in a movie. The sounds are recorded by audio engineers. These elements are regulated by the theme of the movie.

A good movie will make you laugh, cry, and learn. However, a bad movie can scare you and leave you feeling afraid. Generally, movies can be classified into two groups: dramas and comedies.

Dramas are films that tell stories about people and their relationships. They often involve characters who need to make major decisions. Often, these are people who fall in love.

Comedies are movies that feature funny scenarios. These can also include spoofs, dark comedy, and romantic comedy.

One of the most popular genres of movies is romantic comedy. Usually, these films involve two people who fall in love. This usually involves humorous situations and complex characters.

Another category of movies is documentaries. Documentaries are non-fiction movies about real people. Unlike movies, documentaries are usually quite serious. Some documentaries contain strongly emotional subjects.

Typically, a successful movie will have lots of promotion. It is often a good idea to see a movie when it is first released. If you like it, you may want to buy the DVD. Sometimes, sequels are made to a successful movie.

Most people will watch a movie for entertainment. Many of these films are aimed at children. Other movies are geared towards adults.