Movie Terminology


Movie Terminology

A movie, also known as a movie trailer, short movie or video, is a fictionalized account of an experience, thought, or ambiance passed across by the medium of motion pictures. Movie trailers generally describe the plot of the movie as well as key characters and important events or key plot points. These movies are intended to be complementary pieces in the development of the viewer’s movie experience. The purpose of viewing a movie trailer or other similar media is to aid the viewing public in determining whether a certain film is worth the time and/or money they will pay to see it.

There are many genres of movies, each with its own distinctive look, style and technique. Action movies often feature intense gun fights or martial arts fighting, while family movies often are based on romance, home life, mother-daughter issues or other domestic issues. Romance movies often include a love story between a main character and various romantic or funny characters. Science fiction movies often take place on different planets or space ships, while horror movies are horror movies disguised as movies about real horror. Most of these movie genres have had some type of Hollywood connection, either through the involvement of a famous personality or famous film stars or through colorful special effects and realistic special scenes.

Movies are categorized according to genre according to their length. The shortest movie of all time is known as a slapstick comedy, which is not only popular among younger generations but is enjoyed by people of all ages. Slapstick comedies are usually characterized by short scenes of funny characters taking advantage of seemingly innocent situations. Many movies that feature this kind of humor are made by independent films that do not require studio financing to obtain distribution. The most notable example of a slapstick comedy is The Breakfast Club. This movie is the only animated motion picture ever to win a number of awards including the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Many people attend movie theaters with the intent of having a wonderful and eventful experiences. Movie theaters provide this kind of eventful experiences by offering several types of events such as late showings, midnight showings, showtime at the weekend, family shows, musicals and other special events. These events make moviegoing experience more memorable and fun for moviegoers. Movie theater operators are aware of the fact that moviegoers have different expectations and they cater to these needs by providing various types of events so that they can satisfy them.

Motion Pictures and Moving Pictures are categorized according to the medium that they are first displayed in. The most commonly used media is the motion pictures and the television. Movie theaters often use the motion pictures to display in the case of eventful experiences while the television is often used for the everyday consumption of amusement. Motion pictures and moving pictures are often used for the purpose of conveying information and are often classified according to their medium of expression. Movies are often classified according to the words that are used in the movies and as the words are spoken by the actors in the movies.

Some of the commonly used terms in motion picture and moving pictures are dialogue, scene, film, visual images, background, sound, television screen and director. The connotation attached to any of these terms is determined by the intention of the producer or distributor or the writer or the maker of the movie or the producer who classified the motion picture. If the intention of the producer or the distributor is to convey a message to the audience then the word used in the movie should have the connotation of the message. If the movie is intended for entertainment then the words used in it should have the meaning of entertainment. For instance, the movie Star Wars is considered a movie masterpiece because it was written for the kids and it has an interesting plot and the main characters are very funny.