Nursing room – Changi Airport

Ever since I become a mother, nursing room has become my new best friend. Wherever I go, I will make sure there is a nursing room unless I want to starve my baby (since she has rejected bottle-feeding donkey years ago) . And with our government encouragement, most shopping malls are family-friendly.

And so recently I went to Singapore Changi Airport to have lunch with my friend. I decided to use the stroller instead of the carrier as I thought I could sit down to have a good meal while baby E naps away. With high expectations of our world-class airport, I would thought they will have a world-class nursing room too. And man, how disappointed I was!

I was at Terminal 2 and they do have a nursing room, the one and only nursing room at departure level, tucked right in the middle. But to my dismay, it was really small. The changing table was really high too, I had to tiptoe to place my baby on it to change her diaper, tiptoeing all the while! Ok, so I am not very tall, but standing at 1.58m, I dare say I represent a lot of the female population in Singapore!

There was one feeding room, which doesn’t fit my stroller. Which means if I am alone, I will have to put my stroller outside while I feed my baby. While Singapore is a really safe city, but placing my newly-brought stroller out where I can’t see it with all my baby stuff in it, is not reassuring me at all.

So I set out to find another nursing room, I wandered to Terminal 3, since it’s the newest terminal. And so at the basement, there are two nursing rooms. The smaller one near Starbucks, has the same high changing table, and 2 nursing cubicles.

Nursing room - Changi Airport

Nursing room - Changi AirportIt’s not fanastic but it does have all the basic amenities. There is a bigger nursing room, near Popeyes, which has 4 changing tables, 4 seats and 2 nursing cubicles. I looked inside the feeding room and was quite sure my stroller would fit in, and so I happily pushed my stroller with baby E in. Only to be disappointed once again, the door is too small for my stroller! Bummer!

Nursing room - Changi Airport Nursing room - Changi Airport Nursing room - Changi Airport

Overall I am pretty disappointed. I expected more from our world-class airport but I guess they don’t expect a mother will bring her kid out all by herself!

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