Nursing Rooms

Nursing rooms in Singapore

Singkids @ Vivo City

It wasn’t planned, a trip to another playground so fast. But a friend has a package at Singkids which is expiring soon, so we thought we will spend our gathering at Vivo City where baby E can try out the playground. It’s at a corner […]

Polliwogs @ East Coast (Closed)

The weather is great, the hubby is free, so we decided to make our way to explore Polliwogs @ East Coast! For those who try to find their way from the map on their website, will realise the map is not correct. I looked at […]

Indoor Playground – Amazonia

Baby E just ventured into her first indoor playground! As she is getting more mobile and actively exploring her surroundings and objects that she can lay her hands on, I thought a playground is a good place for her to practice crawling/standing/walking safely and exhaust […]

Nursing Room – Bedok Mall

As an easterner, one is only too familiar with how crazily overcrowded Tampines is,especially during weekends. So when news of a new mall opening in Bedok, I got pretty excited! The new Bedok Mall opened on 3rd December, I am guessing, to welcome the crazy […]

Nursing room – Changi Airport

Ever since I become a mother, nursing room has become my new best friend. Wherever I go, I will make sure there is a nursing room unless I want to starve my baby (since she has rejected bottle-feeding donkey years ago) . And with our […]