Eating Healthy

Koh Fah’s Weekend Market @ Kranji

Koh Fah’s Weekend Market is where you should go if you like your veggies fresh. Like really fresh, because it is where they are grown and harvested! Koh Fah is a local family-owned farm that has been selling leafy vegetables in Singapore for the past […]

Super healthy kids

Falling sick is a terrible ordeal, especially when one couldn’t talk and tell you where is the problem. Kids especially babies under 1 are prone to fall sick. Baby E was one of those babies. Before she was 1, every month she was getting high […]

Going Organic

I was never the most health-conscious person, with my favorite food being fried chicken, satay, laksa, BBQ stingray, all the Singapore yummy hawker food! Just writing them out is making me hungry.. When baby E started her solids, that’s the first time ever, I wonder […]

Shopping at iHerb

Shopping at iHerb

Lately I have been crazily addicted to shopping online. While I have always been buying online, I have never really purchased a lot since we were still staying with my in-laws and space was an issue. So when we finally moved(temporarily home), my shopping spree […]

Milestones At 10.5 months

It’s been a while since my last post as baby E was down with a viral fever and it lasted for a week. It scared the wits out of me when her temperature went up to 39.5 degree.. Together with her two upper teeth that […]

Baby E at 6 months old

Baby E at 6 months old

Too soon it’s the Chinese New Year again. Same time last year I was still feeling uncertainties and anxiety for my first pregnancy, and now baby E is already 6 months old. Baby E has been cranky and sleeps really unwell for the past few […]

Milestones at 5th month

Milestones at 5th month

Baby E is 5 months now. Time goes by so quickly. From a helpless newborn, baby E is now capable of doing so many things. It never fail to amaze me how fast she learns and how much she grows each and everyday. Sometimes I […]

Lamb Chops

I have never cooked before. The most cooking I did would be instant noodles/porridge. Add in an egg with some veg and tada! Ever since I got married, although hubby doesn’t spell it out but I know he would love to have me try my […]