The Joy Of Toys (Indoor Playground)

It’s been a while, since we went to any playground. Our house is much like a playground, with so many toys lying around. Sigh. Anyway, it was Baby C’s birthday and we wanted to bring the girls out to play. We decided on this indoor playground – The Joy of Toys, located at Clarke Quay Central where the focus of play is on the toys.

It was a quiet weekend afternoon and we had checked the “Crowd Meter” on their website before heading over. They have a limit of 20 children in the Main Play Space, so to avoid disappointment, do check out their website before going over.

The playground is spilt into 2 areas: Main Play Space and Toddler Play Space.

Toddler Play Space

Photo taken from The Joy Of Toys website

The Toddler Play Space is a rather small but fully padded area filled with toys that are suitable for younger children. It is a cosy place for family where the little tots can crawl around freely while the parents just watch on. The best part about this space is that older kids are not allowed inside. Definitely gives the parents peace of mind, since the only trouble they can get into is taking toys that other toddlers are playing. But since Baby C is already 2 years old and we do want both kiddos to play together, we skipped this and move straight to the Main Play Space.

Main Play Space

My two little kiddos were super excited to see a huge room of toys, neatly placed in their respective areas and on the shelves, just waiting for them.

Photo taken from The Joy Of Toys website

A huge L-shaped table filled with train tracks and all sorts of vehicles, shelves of creative wooden toys suitable for the young and old, a whole table of toy foods with a toy kitchen, toy shops selling different foods and groceries and not forgetting various doll houses and clothes for them to change! Our kiddos went crazy inside. But of course, the thing that caught our eyes the most are the many lounge sofas available for the parents! This is what indoor playground should be about, the kids play and the parents lounge.

What I loved the most about this playground, is that all the toys are in great condition and are organised neatly. Kudos to the staff who were constantly putting toys back to their respective areas to ensure maximum playing value for the toys. The wooden toys are all of excellent quality and presented endless gameplay for the children.

My 6yo loves their dolls collection and the huge dollhouses. It is something she has been begging us to buy but there just isn’t enough space in the house for such a huge toy. And this is where I feel, a playground made up of toys makes sense.

As parents, we had fun too. Daddy E were busy solving the puzzle games that were available while I commanded my kiddos around to buy me groceries and cook dishes for me. All while lounging in one of their many sofas around the playground.

My 6yo were reluctant to leave even after 2 hours of playing, but my 2yo were struggling to stay awake as she stumbled from toy to toy. But overall, they had great fun and I would love to bring them back again.

The Joy of Toys admission fees

The Joy Of Toys

6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-51 Clarke Quay Central (Yellow Zone) Singapore 059817

Tel: +65 9007 4679 | Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm, Sun – Thurs 10am – 9pm, Fri to Sat | Website

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