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Hokkaido is home to most of Japan’s dairy farms. The history of dairy farming dates back to the late 1800’s. Before that time, eating beef and dairy products was unheard of in Japan. During the Meiji era, the growing western influence started to change

Hokkaido which produces more than 50% of Japan’s milk, is the home to most of Japan’s dairy farms. Milk Kobo, is one of them. Located in Niseko, they raised their cows with high quality feed and crystal clear water from Mount Yotei. With Hokkaido’s cooling weather and wide spaces for farming, their cows thrives in a wonderful, relaxed environment. Which results in their fresh, creamy and delicious treats made from these cow product.

I will be honest, I am not a huge fan of milk. But my kids are, so it seems like a good pit stop on our way from Hakodate to Otaru. How glad I am we went, it is such an underrated place that should have more reviews!

First off, the beautiful wide spaces with Mount Yotei as the backdrop.

I have seen plenty of stunning photos due to the nature of my work but when it comes right to your face, filling your entire perspective, it was just awesome. I feel so free and peaceful. It doesn’t have much to offer, except the stunning scenery, the beautiful koyo together with the blue skies that we just can’t stop snapping photos of. I love the wide open spaces, that even when my kids are like 100m away, I still can see what they are doing: just running around, rolling on the grass, digging the soil and picking up dried leaves. But it is something, they will never get to experience in land scarce Singapore.

Pretty tree with red leaves

And of course, we can’t miss their yummy pastries made from their fresh milk. Their must try includes their yogurt drink, baked cheese tart and cream puff.

milk kobo
Milk Kobo must try: Cream Puff (top left) | baked cheese tart (top right) | Yogurt drink (bottom)

Their cream puff, unlike those from Beard Papa, is huge. The crust is crispy and when you bite into the center, the creamy sweet sauce burst out. Can get a little messy if you are not careful but it is yummy, even when I am not a fan of cream puff. I would have much prefer if it is bite-size tho, easier for the little ones too.

The baked cheese tart is very much like the famous cheese tarts from Tokyo. If I must say, it taste better because it is fresh from the oven! And also because, I have this scenery when I ate them.

There is also a cafe with semi-buffet available. But we were too full from all the pastries to go for a semi-buffet. Perhaps next time, because I would love to go back.

Milk Kobo (高橋牧場ニセコミルク工房)

888-88-1 Soga, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 048-1522
Tel: +81 136-44-3734 | Opening Hours: Summer 9:30am to 6pm (5:30pm in winter) | Website

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