5 Places to Donate your Preloved Children’s Clothes and Toys

Our babies are our greatest pride and joy, they bring us so much happiness and laughter every single day. But they are also the most wasteful human beings on the planet – outgrowing their clothes, shoes and everything wearable in less than 3-6 months. I find myself having to update their wardrobe all the time and I always try to buy at least 1 size bigger. But this creates another problem as so often they are wearing clothes either too small or too big for them.

Toys and stationary are another wastage. I seldom buy toys for my kids, as they get so much from  birthdays and Christmas and children’s day and other children birthday goodie bags. I have a box, just for unopened presents and another just for duplicates. I appreciate the love everyone has for my kids, I just wish to be able to reduce the waste and pass these on to people who need it more. And most clothes that they outgrown, were wore probably less than 10 times. If you are like me, feeling that the preloved clothes and toys can be put to better use, here are some places that you can donate those preloved items to.

Blessings in a bag (BIAB)

Blessings in a bag is a non-profit group of volunteers that aims to bridge the gap between those who have and those who doesn’t. An initiative by Emily Teng, a former radio host, this program has come a long way and has evolved into different  programmes that provides activities and learning with various partnerships. They have a list of items they accept and is subjected to change. So do check out the list of items they accept here.

Website | Facebook | 315 Outram road, #08-06A Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore


If being pregnant is not easy for women, imagine being pregnant at 16? Babes is a charity program that aims to help teenagers, giving them the support they need to raise a baby without feeling estranged. While it may seems like the perfect place to donate every preloved baby items you have, they have limited space so do ensure that everything is in good working condition and email them at hello@babes.org.sg with what you intend to donate.

Website | Facebook | hello@babes.org.sg

Pass it on

Managed by The Helping Hands and partnering with Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs), Pass it on provides a platform for general public to donate used but useful items to the needy. Requested items are listed on their website and one can grant a wish by donating what is requested. Alternatively, you can also list the items you have for donation and they will be able to match to their database to see who may need the items.

Website | Facebook | The Helping Hand 819 Upper Serangoon Road Singapore 534678

Share Your Spare

A man in Singapore has been collecting new and used toys, stationary, water bottles and other items suitable for children, for those underprivileged children in the Philippines. From Toy libraries, Feeding Program to Birthday Month #EveryKidDeservesABirthdayParty, there are many ways and items you can donate to help. Check out their facebook page for regular updates. Also always message them before you make the trip down as sometimes donations may be closed or they could be asking for specific items for different programs.


Salvation Army

I doubt this will need any introduction. Salvation Army has been the place to go to for donating all our preloved items every time we do a spring cleaning. However, due to the overwhelming amount of items they receive every single day (think 10 tonnes on average and 30 tonnes on peak season), most items are actually shipped out of Singapore and only a small percentage goes to their Family Thrift Store for sale. But it is definitely the most convenient place to donate your used stuff as they have 8 drop-off points all over Singapore.

Website | Facebook


Do you know of any other places to donate preloved children items? Let us know in the comments!

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