Admiralty Park Playground

admiralty park playground

Whenever the weekends approach, the question Daddy E always ask me is “What are we doing today?”. In between work, household chores AND taking care of the kids, the only thing I want to do on a weekend is to NUAH (chill)! But having the kids watching TV the WHOLE day is not exactly the healthiest activity….

So we decided to drag our lazy asses to this outdoor playground that I have been wanting to bring the kids to – Admiralty Park Playground.

Admiralty Park Playground

31 Riverside Road, Singapore 730000 | 7am – 7pm

Admiralty Park is the largest park (27 hectares to be exact) in the north and this playground has made the news as the playground with the most amount of slides! 26 slides of various heights, lengths and width that allows you to literally slide everywhere in the park. Making use of the hilly terrain, this playground incorporate climbing structures, ropes and rock walls to get to the top for a fun ride down! Before the parents gets tired from reading the word “climbing”, there are paths that allows lazy parents like me(and you) to slowly stroll up slope instead of climbing with my energetic kiddo!

admiralty park playground

Besides the overwhelming amount of slides, there are also flying fox, swings, rock walls, rope bridge, sand pits and tunnel slides! My 6yo, now well capable of playing by herself, had some much fun climbing up and sliding around the playground. Silly us went in the afternoon, but thank goodness for the huge canopy all around the park, we didn’t become roasted pigs.

swings at admiralty park playground


admiralty park playground
Besides the main playground which is catered to children between 5-12 years old, there is also a Junior Inclusive Playground just 100+ metres away.

It is like a mini version of the bigger playground for younger kids, and an inclusive swing. This is great as both my kids gets to have fun! In fact, my 6yo spent more time at the Junior Playground as she wants to play with her meimei.

We really enjoyed this playground, we especially love the wide spaces of the park and the huge tall trees all around us. It is a great place to hangout. Even if not for the playground, kids can play scooter, cycling or just run around absorbing in the nature.

It is also in very close proximity to Republic Polytechnic. The good thing is, there are Cheers, Subway and a canteen inside where we can quickly grab lunch or drinks from.

Getting To Admiralty Park Playground


Park at the west entrance, which is the nearest to the playground. There is a Sakura International Buffet right at the carpark.


903 to the Park or take Bus 169 or 902 to Republic Polytechnic and walk over.


It is around 10-15 minutes walk from Causeway Point.

What to Prepare

Sunblock if you are going in the afternoon! Insect repellent and water bottle. There is a public restroom nearby with water cooler.

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