Sweet Garden Dining Cafe

Sweet Garden Dining Cafe, a no-frills, unassuming cosy little cafe that I recently visited. I don’t normally do cafes review. I mean, I love to eat, but being a mum, has made my expectations of my meals to just-get-it-done-and-over-with. It is never the easiest thing to eat out, with a toddler and a growing but fussy kid who rejects almost everything.

I come across Sweet Garden Dining Cafe on one of the article, about this cosy cafe opened by an ex-Marriott chef. Nestled among the HDBs, It is not the easiest place to find, but it will be impossible to miss, with the amount of newspaper cuttings on their shop front.

Sweet Garden Dining Cafe

It has been on my radar for a while. With excellent ratings on their Facebook page of an average 4.9 Stars, I thought it will be a great place to bring my family to, for a well-deserved hearty meal. And as it turns out, like Daddy E said, we will definitely go back again.

With the unassuming cafe deco, it is nothing like those insta-worthy cafes that everyone is vying to open. It has an old school kind of vibe that makes one feel traveled back in time, the kind of place you will go pak tor with your secondary school crush! But the kind of pak tor feeling vanished the moment my kids started making lotsa noises…

But thankfully, the owners (I assumed), are friendly and patient and so accommodating to my noisy kids. And what make this cafe worth blogging on a mummy’s blog is the free playground outside the cafe!

This is really a pleasant surprise as I wasn’t expecting any kind of entertainment for my kids. So it kinda upgrade this cafe to family-friendly! Of course we can’t leave the younger kids alone in the playground, but for older kids, they will have a blast. Recommend to come during evening time tho, as afternoon sun is scorching hot.

And the food, oh my goodness.

Seafood Tomyum Squid Ink Spaghetti S$15.90
Seafood Tomyum Squid Ink Spaghetti (S$15.90)

Although I am usually not a fan of fusion food, but the Seafood Tomyum Squid Ink Spaghetti taste really good! The tom yum infused so well, although I would love the squid ink taste to be stronger. Daddy E ordered Braised Lamb Shank (S$27.90) which was so flavourful and soft! I simply picked it with my fork and fed some to my 21-months toddler. It was that tender!

We also ordered Ham & Cheese Baked Rice (S$11.90) and Hawaii Pizza (S$10.90) for our kids and both came up to be really cheesy and easy in the mouth for my kids. Even my picky 6 year old managed to finish most of her foods.

And we can’t leave the place without having some of those yummy-looking dessert – Belgium Charcoal Waffle (S$13.90). I really like the firm and crispy waffles, and the little nuggets of fruits and marshmallows are lovely additional treats for my girls.

Overall we had a great meal here and will definitely make it back again! If you are in the area, or looking for a cosy place for a yummilicious meal in the heartlands, this will not disappoint.

Sweet Garden Dining Cafe

Blk 32, Cassia Crescent, #01-50, Singapore 390032 | (65) 9100 4286 | Facebook
Opens 12pm – 10pm

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