Taiwan 6D5N Day 6: Taipei Zoo 台北动物园 |

Baby E loves animals. Bringing her to the zoo has become one of our checklist when we travel. We visited Tokyo Ueno Zoo last year and it was awesome. The cooling weather makes everything just that much better.

Taipei Zoo is the largest zoo in Asia. They have a good variety of animals and the good thing about Taipei Zoo is that they usually have more than 1 animal of the same species so it doesn’t feel lonely at all. Bad news is, Taipei in April is just as hot and humid as Singapore. *sweat*

Nonetheless, Baby E was still very excited as we made our way to Taipei Zoo. We had included Maokong Gondolo in our itinerary, but alas it is closed every Monday! Also many of the exhibits were under maintenance, not sure if it’s because it is Monday. If you plan to go, maybe you can choose other days instead.

It cost 60NT$ for adult and 30NT$ which is probably the cheapest zoo ever! But unlike Singapore Zoo that has various activities and feeding sessions, Taipei Zoo is pretty much just walk and see.

Taipei Zoo
Taipei Zoo

elephant at taipei zoo

Taipei zoo has a good variety of animals, including this animal that we didn’t expect:

koalabear at Taipei Zoo

Sleepy koalas! Although we didn’t get to catch them in action because they apparent sleeps 22 hours a day! Still, good to know we can get to see koalas without having to go to Australia. But the highlight for us has got to be this:

Pandas swarmed by bamboo shoots! This is such a precious sight. The pandas were enjoying their food so much, munching and swinging their arms around.

Surprisingly there was no queue to see the giant pandas. I remember when I was there 8 years ago, the queue was so long and everyone probably only got 5 seconds to take a glimpse at the pandas as the park attendance ushered everyone to go faster. Perhaps it’s because we went on a Monday and the Maokong Gondola is closed hence less crowded.

It’s good as we took our own sweet time to pose and take photos with the pandas!

As the zoo is so big, we felt exhausted after a while although it felt like we didn’t see much animals! Plus after the panda house, it is an uphill path. If you are going with young children and elderly, I will recommend you to take the shuttle tram to the top and walk down slope instead.

After our visit to the zoo, we began to make our way to Shilin night market, one of the largest night market in Taipei.




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