Taiwan 6D5N Day 5: Yilan Whale Watching | Ximending 西门町 |

To me, Taiwan is a place with yummy food and good shopping. It is only after I have kids, I realised Taiwan has so much more to offer. Whale watching is one of the many activities that I found and decided to add a Dolphin + Turtle Island boat ride tour from Klook in to my itinerary. From Jiufen, we took a bus to Ruifang Train Station, then we transferred to a train towards Toucheng. From Toucheng station, we had to hail a cab to get to Wushi Harbor. I am so glad we deposited our luggage (read about it here) and made all the transfers more bearable!

Being our first whale/dolphin watching tour, we had no idea what to expect. We do know that we may not get to see any whales nor dolphins so I told Baby E that we are going to visit an island that looks like a turtle.

Turtle island @ Yilan
Turtle island @ Yilan. Can you see the turtle head on the left and the peak that forms the turtle shell?

The tour was supposed to take around an hour. But the crew, was determined to find us some action on the sea. They went far beyond the turtle island, searching through their binoculars, exchanging intel with other tour boats for more than 2 hours. Luckily both kiddos had no motion sickness and promptly got “rocked” to sleep by the waves haha. Daddy E and I were chatting and enjoying the sea breeze. After hours of searching, the crew had to turn back.

We began heading towards the harbour, just when we passed the turtle island, someone shouted. And the whole team got up on their binoculars again and the boat was quickly swing into another direction.

And there, there they were. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any photos of the beautiful dolphins swimming and jumping around. It was a magnificent moment, facing the wild animals in their natural habitat. We were just soaking in it and catching every moment a dolphin jumped. I really couldn’t thank the team enough, for their relentless efforts to bring a wonderful ending to our 2 hours endeavour.

Soon we were back on land, and thinking that it’s near the harbour, we could have a seafood feast. We asked one of the person in charge of our tour for recommendations, but she says she doesn’t know and simply pointed us in the direction of where the row of restaurants are. So we randomly picked one and jeez, seafood was not fantastic and overpriced. -_-

After a disappointing lunch, we had to take a bus back to Taipei. From there we picked up our luggage and went for our Airbnb for the next 2 nights in Ximending!

Our Airbnb for the next 2 nights
Our Airbnb for the next 2 nights

It is so cosy! It looks exactly like the photos from Airbnb and the best part is, not only is it very near to the metro station, Ah Zhong Mee Sua is just downstairs!

Ximending | Ah Zhong Mee Sua
Ximending | Ah Zhong Mee Sua

Daddy E had this everyday. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I don’t like intestines.. I prefer oysters in my mee sua. Ximending is a bustling shopping district that has no lack of foods and shops. It is great that my Airbnb is so near that I can just sneak downstairs for some lone shopping therapy! And boba tea, boba tea everywhere!

After a long day, the best part is having a cosy place to rest for the night. Our adventures continue next day to Taipei Zoo!

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