Ho Chi Minh Day 3: Mekong Delta

When I was researching on Ho Chi Minh, I already knew that Mekong Delta is my must-do and true enough, all of us enjoyed the tour very much!

It’s a full day tour that we booked via our hotel. It starts early from 8am to pickup in our hotel lobby to set off to the jetty. It took around 30 mins from our hotel to pick up other guests from other hotels and to the jetty. From the jetty we start our journey on Mekong Delta.

From the jetty, it took around 10 minutes before we reach one of the islands for our tropical fruits, traditional folks singing and bee farm tour.

mekong delta
Our tropical fruits treat
Traditional Folks singing Ho Chi Minh
Traditional Folks singing

After these we walked a short distance to towards the bee farm.


Apparently domestic bees are pretty tame. But still not for those who are scare of bees, as there are plenty that flies around us. We were encouraged to dab our finger around the bees for some honey, but baby E was too scared to try.

Next we went to another island where the coconut candy is made.

Hand-packed coconut candy mekong delta
Hand-packed coconut candy

You can buy many coconut-related products here too. I was excited to spot coconut ice-cream as it was so hot! But I was sorely disappointed thinking it will be like those coconut ice-cream in Thailand.

After a short visit, we went to another place for our sampan boat ride and lunch.

mekong delta sampan
Taking a motorised boat along the canal
Sampan boat mekong delta
Our sampan boat and boatman

We wore life jackets and head onto the small little boat. Baby E loves the little boat and kept asking if there are any crocodiles, haha! It does look like one of those scenes where a crocodile or sea monster will pop out of! Apparently it used to have, but have since cleared up.

Rowing our boat through the canal mekong delta
Rowing our boat through the canal and saw our tour mates

Basking ourselves on the boat rowing along the peaceful canal was such an exhilarating experience. All too soon our ride came to an end and it was time for lunch!

Elephant ear fish mekong delta
Elephant ear fish

After the ride we went for our lunch with the famous elephant ear fish, a “must-have” along mekong delta. I was still waiting for the real dish to be served, only to realised that the fish meat has been scrapped and rolled into wraps. Not exactly how i imagine it to be like..

At our lunch place, we could opt to cycle around the island, but we got too caught up with the crocodiles! It’s probably the closest I ever been to a crocodile and you get to feed them at 10,000vnd, that’s less than S$1. Many people gave it a go and Baby E was so fascinated we decided to let her try.

Crocodiles feeding mekong delta
Crocodiles feeding

The crocodiles were so still, I almost thought they were just statues. But when the bait goes near them, they will suddenly snapped at the food, giving all the spectators a little scare. After this, we went back to the jetty, hopped back to our bus and head to our last stop of the tour – the Buddha statue in Vinh Trang pagoda.

Buddha statue in Vinh Trang pagoda
Buddha statue in Vinh Trang pagoda

By this time we were pretty exhausted and both babies and Daddy E slept through the bus ride back to our hotel.

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