Day Trip to Legoland Malaysia

Daddy E and I went Legoland Malaysia 6 years ago, before Baby E was born. And we weren’t exactly impressed. For we were not huge fans of lego and the place was kinda boring for adults since most rides are meant for kids.

Now that Baby E is going to be 5 years old, and has been loving her Lego Disney Princess sets, we thought she will love it. And so we decided to go, on a Friday! Legoland Malaysia is spilt into 2 portions, the theme park and the water park, which both require entry tickets. We got the 1-day combo tickets (access to both parks) online from Legoland Malaysia website.

What to Bring

Being parents, we have to always be well-prepared for any unforeseen situations and while Legoland is near, it is still across the straits. So it is good to go prepared! Here is a list of things to get you along:

  • Kids sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Cap/sunglasses
  • Handheld fan
  • Water
  • Passports
  • Entry tickets
  • Umbrella/raincoat
  • Waterplay suit, towel, extra clothes

Getting to Legoland from Singapore

As the theme park opens at 10am, we started making our way at 8.30am. Despite being just a stone throw away, the journey still took us 1hr 45minutes due to the queue to clear customs. We parked at Legoland resort, at 50rm/entry. There are also parking at Zone 1 and 2, which are further away at 10rm/entry. But with 1 active kid and one infant in toll, we opted for the nearer, safer and sheltered parking at the Legoland resort.

Legoland Theme Park

Legoland Malaysia map
Legoland Map – Download from here

From the map, you can see that the theme park consists of various sections namely The Beginning, LEGO® City, Land of Adventures,  Imagination, LEGO® Kingdom, LEGO® Technic and Miniland. Download the map for easy navigation and plan your pit stops. We decided to concentrate on the rides as we have been to Miniland – where you see mini replicates of world famous landmarks constructed entirely with legos, and Baby E is totally into rides now.

We started from the right, towards LEGO® City where Driving School is the first stop!

There are 2 driving schools, one for kids aged 6 – 13 and another Junior Driving school at a smaller scale for aged 3-5. There was no queue and Baby E managed to drive a couple of laps without hitting anything.

Right opposite is the boating school

Legoland Malaysia
Rescue Academy LEGO®City. Hand-powered vehicle and water pump! Daddy E was tired after this haha


Legoland Malaysia
LEGO®CIty Stage

This is supposedly a new LEGO Ninjago live performance, combining 4D effects, puppetry and video-mapping. But we missed the timing and decided to skip this and go ahead with the rides.

We skipped the playgrounds too since Baby E is totally into rides now. So we ventured pretty fast, with little to no queue.

We went for the new Ninjago ride which you can blast energy balls at the enemies with hand-motion sensor. It was pretty fun but my arms were aching after that. We also went for the 4D movie.

4-D movie timings at Legoland Malaysia
4-D movie timings at Legoland Malaysia

And build some lego cars at Build and Test corner.

Test & Build Legoland Malaysia
Test & Build

The highlight of the theme park will have to be the roller coaster! We thought The Dragon might be overwhelming for Baby E so we rode The Dragon Apprentice! She loves it so much we had to go on it 3-4 times with her… Nearing the last portion of the theme park, Baby E was all hot and tired. With 2 more hours to spare, we head to the Water Park!

Legoland Water Park
Legoland Water Park opens from 10am – 6pm

You got to exit the theme park, pass by the resort to get to the water park. And honestly, this sight was so welcoming I wish to ditch my infant and jump in too!

Wave pool at Legoland Water Park
Wave pool at Legoland Water Park

Anyone who has been to Adventure Cove will know how crazily crowded it can get. Such a pleasant difference!

Lazy pool at Legoland Water Park
Lazy pool at Legoland Water Park. The only people floating around! And the “rafts” that people had built


Build-A-Raft at Legoland Water Park
Build-A-Raft at Legoland Water Park – So basically you build a “raft” here and watch it float away along the lazy pool


Water Structure Play at Legoland
Water Structure Play at Legoland


Legoland Water Park
And of course, water slides!

The Water Park is not huge and being relatively empty on a friday afternoon, we were pretty much done in 2 hours. To fully enjoy the trip, it is best done over two days for each park.

What is good about Legoland?

It’s great for small kids and a short day trip or weekend trip away from Singapore. It’s near and not crazily crowded (ok, I am not sure if weekends will be this quiet too) and reasonably priced for a theme park. It has enough variety (rides, lego building, playgrounds, game stalls, water play) to keep your kids of various age groups entertained.

And I didn’t expect myself to say this, but the toilets are pretty clean! I don’t know if it’s air-conditioned, but it definitely feels cooler than the hot air outside!

What is not so good about Legoland?

It’s hot. Seriously HOT. Which is what makes the Water Park so appealing! Good thing is there are cafes/restaurants at every corner. Keep hydrating yourself and your kids.

We went there partly to purchase lego. But unfortunately, it is not any cheaper than in Singapore. So if you are there to buy lego, well, you get 10% off if you are an Annual Pass Holder.

But overall, still a good place for a family getaway!

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