Baby C at 8 weeks old

Times flies. It is especially so with a newborn AND a preschooler. While Baby E is well capable of doing many things by herself, she seems to lost this ability (especially bathing herself) since Baby C was born. -.-

But it’s wonderful to see Baby E loving her little sister so much. Keep wanting to caress her hair, hug and kiss her. At the same time it is nerve-wrecking when she hugs her baby sister tightly like hugging a teddy bear.

Baby C is finally cleared of Jaundice which had persist for the past one month plus. However, she now has a problem after starting formula milk (to lower her Jaundice levels) – she hasn’t been pooping. When she didn’t poop for a week after she started formula milk, our PD applied some lubricate gel to stimulate the process, and she pooped that very day. But it didn’t regulate her bowels, for it was another 7 days before my PD had to put the gel for her to make her poop again. Her longest record was 15 days without pooping! Which worried the wits out of us. But after our PD looked at her, still peaceful and no bloated tummy, he advised to wait and let her pass motion herself instead of using lubricate again.

Let’s see how is baby C progressing

  • Can grab my hair with her hands
  • Able to hold her head without support while in carrier position
  • Loves when people talk to her. Often stops crying and stare at the person talking to her
  • Has plump up considerably. Was at 5kg one week ago
  • Able to sleep from 9+pm (her last feed at 8+) till 2+am
  • Loves her bath time

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