Free Printables: Alphabets Tracing and Colouring Practise Worksheets

Woohoo! This is my first set of alphabets (A-Z) tracing and colouring worksheets done by yours truly!

It took me a while, but whenever I see Baby E happily colouring and tracing the alphabets that I printed out for her, it motivates me to complete the set.

It’s totally free for personal use (please don’t sell them!) and it is great for preschoolers to practise their alphabets and get some colouring fun out of it. Baby E was totally into them during our trip to Seoul. Just download and print them out, black and white so it saves ink too!

Here is a sample of some of the pages in the PDF.

Free Printables: Alphabets Tracing Practise Worksheets
Free Printables: Alphabets Tracing Practise Worksheets

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