Checklist for a new baby

Yes, I am expecting baby no. 2 in November. 🙂

And I believe I have what some called the Mummy’s amnesia – with a getting from bad to worse memory from pregnancy. Despite this being my second pregnancy, I feel like I have no idea what had I done for my first baby lol.

So here it is, I have compiled a baby checklist for new mummies and mummies with amnesia like me. But since this is my second pregnancy, what I listed below are absolutely necessary in my opinion.

Essentials for New Babies

Clothings (Duh!)

This can’t be more obvious, right! But this is also part of the fun because baby clothes are so adorable!

And of course, remember to get mittens, socks, hats, pants, pyjamas. The little one needs more clothings than you think. Just don’t get a whole truckload of it as babies outgrow their clothes real fast.

Diapers and Wipes

These two are the things I always buy in cartons. After feeding, always comes the poop. Diapers are essential, whether you are going for cloth diapers or disposable systems. And wipes, never go anywhere with your baby without wet wipes. I repeat, never go anywhere without wet wipes!

Baby Bottles

No matter if you are going to breastfeed or feed formula milk, you will need some bottles. Unless you are latching exclusively. But trust me, at some point you will wish you can take a break from breastfeeding UNLESS your baby has rejected bottle-feeding, which is actually why you should bottle-feed your baby to avoid this situation.

Baby Carrier/Sling/Stroller

baby in strollerbabywearing

No matter which travel system you opted for, it will save your life. Or your back, at least. When I go out with baby by myself (without driving), I am always using my baby carrier. It’s convenient, keeps my hands free for other stuff and baby loves being snuggled close to your body. Strollers are great when the place you goes to is stroller-friendly. Just not that great if you are alone and baby decides he/she prefers to be held close than to sit inside the stroller.

Baby wash/bathtub

Yes, your baby gets dirty, much more often than you think. And some parents prefer to wash their babies after every poop instead of using wipes. Unless you are using the basin or already have a tub (although a baby tub is still more recommended), a baby tub and a mild/gentle baby wash ensure he/she smells heavenly most of the time. Oh yeah, washcloths too, for their delicate skin.

Baby Cot/Bassinet

Or your bed if you are planning to co-sleep. For Baby E, we co-sleep since the start due to space constraints and I am quite worried this time as baby 2 will be sleeping in a cot. There are pros and cons to co-sleeping and most people object to it but it worked well for us and Baby E (makes breastfeeding at night much easier). The con is, now Baby E is still sleeping with us, at 4yo. Which is why my new baby needs a baby cot.. -.-


Baby Thermometer, nail-clipper and nasal aspirator

It’s always good to have a first-aid kit and these are my must-haves. Babies are considered to be having a fever at 37.5 degrees C, always check if he/she seems warmer than usual.

Nail-clipper is to make sure your baby doesn’t injure their very delicate skin with their growing-very-fast nails.

Nasal congestion is more common than you think. And it’s worrying when a new baby has problems breathing! In fact I would suggest air purifier and humidifier too, depending on your climate and environment. We got a purifier at the first month for Baby E as she was so prone to nasal congestion and it was a pain hearing her breathing heavily for her little body.



Alright these are my absolute must-haves but of course there are so many others stuff you will need too! So here is a baby checklist you can download for your convenience!

Feel free to download (right-click and choose “save image as”) and share this baby checklist with other mummies!

And check out the list of freebies you can request for new mummies!

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