Bangkok Day 4 : Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World | Jelly Dreams Melissa | Shopping at platinum

Things to prepare:

  • Printed out voucher for Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Baby E and Daddy E loves aquarium! So there is no way to miss this aquarium in Bangkok. Initially I wanted to put it on the same day as Kidzania as they are in the same shopping mall. But I didn’t, to avoid tiring out my baby.

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Daily 10.00 – 21.00 | B1-B2 of Siam Paragon | website

If you have read about my Bangkok Day 2, I have used this website Hotels2Bangkok to purchase tickets for Kidzania Bangkok. I used the same website to buy the tickets for Sea Life Bangkok. But I didn’t manage to print out before I left, and I was denied entry as printed voucher is a must. So remember to PRINT the voucher if you are getting from this website!

Although we didn’t had a good start (took us a long time to find a place to print our voucher within the mall), we still managed to have fun with the sea animals!

Escalator to B1 entrance to Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World
Escalator to B1 entrance to Sea Life Bangkok
Penguin Feeding session

Children's play area halfway through the aquarium
Children’s play area halfway through the aquarium
Marveling at the jellyfish
Marveling at the jellyfish

The only other aquarium we took Baby E to was Kaiyukan at Osaka. Both Daddy E and I thought that was more majestic although the whole area was small. Sea Life Bangkok are all of smaller tanks but it does help to focus attention on a particular species.

As with all aquariums, the lighting inside just ain’t good for iPhone photos. We did not go for the fancy 4D show nor the glass boat feeding as we thought it might be better to wait till Baby E is older (she is a scaredy-cat). We were lucky enough tho as we caught the penguin feeding and the scuba diver feeding sessions. You can check here for their feeding timing to plan your trip better!

So is it worth going?

For Baby E, it is worth it as she loves penguins and the big turtles and getting to touch the starfish.


Jelly Dreams Melissa shoes

2nd floor of Siam Center 

Jelly Dreams Siam Center
Jelly Dreams Siam Center

I have been wanting to visit Jelly Dreams (aka Melissa) in Bangkok as it is supposedly much much cheaper! And following the guide online, we came to Siam Discovery. But no, we looked and we asked and there were no Jelly Dreams! Have they closed down?? Not willing to give up, we asked again and this time they pointed us towards Siam Center, which is the building next to Siam Discovery.

So ladies, don’t make the same mistake. Just go straight to Siam Center if you are looking for Jelly Dreams shoes. It’s on level 2, right around the escalators so you can’t missed it. It’s not huge, and crowded with Singaporeans haha.

So is it worth going?

They have in-store promotion on top of the already much cheaper prices. So if you are a jelly shoes lover, it’s worth taking a look.

Platinum Mall

10:00 – 22:00 | Petchburi, Ratchathewi

After Jelly Dreams, Daddy E took Baby E back to the hotel while mommy go to Platinum Mall to shop! It is the ultimate shopping mall in Bangkok, without the heat. It is the mall you should definitely go in Bangkok, as you can easily fill up your luggage with loots here in 1 day. The stalls are small and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the variety and crowds. Although the official closing time is 10pm but most shops start packing up at 5+.

But super mommy who is always rushing for time, has only 3 hours here before the shops close. So there was no time to bargain, just grab and go. And it’s really cheap, on average 200 baht for a decent top, which is like the same price as 5 years ago!

So is it worth going?

Are you kidding me? It is not a trip to Bangkok without going to Platinum Mall!


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