Bangkok Day 1: Arrival | Talad Neon Night Market

Upon arrival, Daddy E opt to book a taxi, which cost us a grand sum of 750 baht (S$30) to Amari Watergate Hotel. With a sleepy kid and two luggages in toll, I do think that’s the obvious option. Tio carrot head also no choice. And this is not including the 70 baht toll we had to pay.

It took us almost an hour (the usual Bangkok traffic jam) to reach Amari Watergate Hotel, which we book via Agoda. It is conveniently located between Platinum Mall and Pratunam Market. If you want to book via Agoda, use Shopback to get up to 6% cashback! Check-in was a breeze with the excellent services rendered by the staff. After putting our luggage, we were out hunting for food!

Armari Watergate Hotel Lobby Bangkok
Amari Watergate Hotel Lobby

The location is right along Pratunum Market with many little stalls selling a variety of street food.

Street Food @ Pratunum Bangkok
Street Food @ Pratunum

We snatched up the food like hungry pigs, ignoring the cheap loots all around us. Initially I planned for us to go to Rod Fai Night Market 2 at Ratchada, but decided to go to the newly opened Talad Neon Night market just beside Palladium World Shopping Mall. It’s two streets away from Amari Watergate, so we slowly made our way there while savoring the snacks we got.

Talad Neon Night Market
Thursday to Sunday | 17:00-24:00 | 1087 Khwaeng Makkasan, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400

A Talad Neon sign
A big sign showing that you are on the right path
Talad Neon Night Market. Quite empty at around 6pm
Talad Neon Night Market. Quite empty at around 6pm.

It only just opened on 1 Dec 2016, under the same family as Platinum Mall with over 900 stalls (although it doesn’t feel like it). And there are free Tuk Tuk service from Platinum Mall to Talad Neon from 7-9pm until January 2017. At first glance, it’s very neatly organised into 2 sections: food and shops. As the true glutton family, we head for the food stalls first, which seems to take up 65% of the market.

Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok
Colourful fries

Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok
Refreshing coconuts!
Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok
Fruits for Baby E
Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok
Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok
Grilled salted fish

Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok

I was really looking forward to the salted grilled fish! It’s not as fresh as I hope, still good tho! Comparing to other night markets, Talad Neon is neater and more spacious. There are plenty of spaces between the rows of stalls and the public toilets behind the container stalls (20 baht per entry) were the cleanest I’ve been to in Bangkok. The choices of food are great, from western to locals. Initially I do not see the containers that I read online, only to realise they are all nestled right inside.

Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok
One of the container store
Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok
Container style bar counter
Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok
Handmade products

There were probably 10 over containers with only 30% occupied. It will be more interesting when all the containers are taken up. It’s a relatively small night market, nothing of the scale of Rod Fai nor the old Suan Lum. And definitely one of the least crowded night market I have been to in Bangkok. Guess not a lot of people knows about it yet.

So is it worth going?

Well, with a kid, a relatively empty and spacious night market is a good choice. We managed to snitch plenty of foods and secured a bar counter seat, chilling with beer and BBQ seafood. Not the best seafood, but nice chill. But for the shopaholics, it’s not a night market you will miss.

And this marks the end of our first day in Bangkok.

2 thoughts on “Bangkok Day 1: Arrival | Talad Neon Night Market”

  • Hi,

    Can i check how do you book a taxi in Bangkok? I will be travelling to Bangkok in June 2017 and I had seen posts stating that some of the taxis do not on the meter (if not off the meter halfway the journey).

    • Hi Carol,

      You can try using Grab Taxi in Bangkok. I have had friends using it when they were there. Normally I just hire off the streets. If I remembered correctly, the pink taxis are the ones usually with the meter. The first thing I asked is if they use meter, and if they don’t I will just wait for another one. If they seems aggressive or unhappy about using the meter, do not board the taxi, as they may bring you to some tourist spot (where they get commission) first before your destination.

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